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Oil Relaxing Massage

The fragrant healing massage is a magnificently unwinding treatment that combines profoundly relieving rub systems with the use of wonderful basic oils. These oils are extracted from plants and have been utilized for a great many years to gain physical, mental and enthusiastic health. The full body unwinding massage with fragrance based treatment oils incorporates your back, the front, and back of your legs, feet, arms, and chest. During an hour of this treatment, you will thoroughly unwind flush out all the toxins of the body.

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Stress can be a positive spark when accomplishing an important task. When your brain detects any sort of stress, your heart rate and circulatory strain rise, and your muscles get tightened. The stress that proceeds for a long period affects your body. The body pain massage can help you relax and calm your mind and body thereby relieving your stress.
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Body Pain & Stress Relief Massage
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Healing Optional Treatment
The healing touch treatment is for those who need enhance the overall health through energetic touch by our therapists. It can help you de stress and attain a balanced life. As it facilitate emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health, the energy based approach is more common among the Vallejo CA region.

Professional Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is the most widely recognized and best-known kind of massage in the Western region. If it's your first time or you don't get massage regularly, Swedish massage is the best place to begin. The Swedish body rub is the blend of various strategies moved into one session. During this treatment session, our licensed massage therapists will work with the delicate tissues and muscles in the body to help reestablish harmony and wellbeing.

The final result will unwind the majority of the muscles in your body and to discharge any torment that strain may exist. A Swedish body knead is the ideal method for any individual who is excessively tired and worried to unwind their body and psyche. By calming muscle pressure, the Swedish treatment can be both unwinding and stimulating. What's more, it might even help after an injury.

If you’re looking to get relief from chronic pain or improve your health and fitness goals, contact us. We offer effective massage treatments at affordable prices.

Deep Tissue & Shiatsu

Our professionals at our wellness center initially apply light pressure followed by heavy pressure on to body muscles. Your body has many energy lines that can significantly improve the self – healing ability when proper massage techniques are induced. This way we can help you get relief from chronic pain, aches, stress and other mental worries.

The Shiatsu has been practiced for its medical advantages for many years. The modern shiatsu treatment can be custom-made to be both an unwinding and a profound tissue treatment for giving many medical advantages. Our licensed therapists will tailor your treatment and required pressure to suit your individual necessities, performed in a quiet and soothing Japanese themed room. Contact us to get relief from pain and mental worries.

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